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Why we say NO!

  • Environmental Damage
  • Inefficiency
    • poor wind speeds
    • underperformance
    • no reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Invasive noise - night & day
  • Health impact
  • Shadow flicker / strobe effect
  • Industrialisation of our beautiful countryside
  • Death of wildlife
  • Negative impact on leisure & recreation

Images of the Area

Tove Valley - Area Map


Tove Valley - Viewpoint


Tove Valley - Viewpoint


No wind farm here

Links and Further Information

The issues we face in fighting the proposed Tove wind farm are shared by many other groups up and down the country and internationally and much has been written on the subject of industrial wind turbines. This page gives links to relevant sites that we have come across whilst doing our research, which you might find interesting and useful.

Media and Other Links

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